Things to Consider When Writing Your Resume

Whether you call it a CV, a curriculum vitae, a biodata or a resume, it basically showcases the same thing i.e. the complete description of a job seeker. It is undoubtedly one of the major selling tools of the candidate’s professional portfolio. The candidate’s career might reach a dead end without an impressive resume. The major points to consider while resume writing are:-

Explain your objective
Create an objective after carefully analysing the job description. Now you can not write a standard objective for all job openings. An effective objective must target a particular employer. Avoid giving broad objective statement, be specific. The well written and targeted objective statement can convince the reader to have a look at your resume.

Start with yourself
This one or two page summary must include info about you, your skills, educational qualification and achievements. Do write your full details like name, phone number and email address. Highlight your qualification and achievements that the hiring manager is seeking.

List your experience
Include pertinent and recent work experience in your CV. Do not include information about every work you performed. Hiring Manager believes that accomplishing any work 10 years ago doesn’t mean you are capable of accomplishing the same thing today. It is also better to mention the duties you performed.

Contact details
Earlier, job aspirants only gave a home phone number for contact. Now you can list as many ways of contact. Mention your mobile number, home phone number, email id so that the prospective employer can contact you easily.

Use clear and easy to read fonts
Sometimes applicants think using special fonts can work wonders for your job search and can help you stand out. However, these special font effects make it difficult for HR to instantly pick important information. Additionally, if a non-standard font isn’t installed on the Screening manager’s laptop, the formatting issues will arise. So remember Simple Word and PDF files only and select a standard font that is easy to read. Never save your resume as JPEG or PNG.

Don’t forget to proofread
Before sharing your bright, shiny new resume make sure someone proofreads it. So, who should look over your resume? You could ask your siblings, parents, a teacher, or even hire a professional editor to ensure that you have no misspelt items in your resume and that everything has a good flow and makes sense.

Use the job posting as a guide
Studies reveal that on average, a recruiter only spends 10 seconds reviewing a resume. The golden rule to make sure your resume gains attention is to keep it within one page and to grab attention is to customise it according to the job description.

In a competitive market, make sure your resume is formatted in such a way that recruiting managers can quickly and easily gather the skills and expertise information they are looking for. As a whole, the main points to keep in mind are Start with yourself, use functional resume format, highlight your skills, know your audience, give professional look, use the right words, proofread your content, and don’t forget to sell yourself! Follow all of the above and you’ll have one of the greatest resumes on the job market.